Our Services


Semi-Custom Invitation Design

Is it too hard for you to design an invitation from scratch? No worries! We completely understand, and have got you covered. We have chosen to combine our most popular custom paper designs and offer them as semi-customizable suites. The semi-custom collection offers 3 paper suite designs, each with their own aesthetic. Each collection was designed to stand alone but made to look killer when it's mixed n' matched with a piece from a different collection. We know you're sure to find a design you love.


Garden Inspired Florals

We believe that flowers are the staple pieces of decor that hold the wedding vision together. Whether it be a mix of wildflowers or a romantic bundle of roses, our organically styled blooms are  sure to bring joy to your heart. We are inspired by the wildness of nature and it's organic movements. We love a traditional white and green look, but give us the reigns to your color palette and our imagination runs wild.  Ask for loads of greenery, and you’re speaking our love language. There are a time and a place for tight, round bouquets; but those aren't our personal jam. Wedding Floral Services begin at $5k. 


Design Service

We aren't just all about weddings here at Marked. We love to design other stuff too. We offer packages to help you brand your business, create signage, posters, magazine ads, design websites, and can even help design your baby's birth announcement. You name it; we can do it. Designing is at our core, and we would love to dream something up with you. We pride ourselves on designs tailored to fit your unique style and vision. When it comes to details, we believe the more the merrier. We can't wait to hear what you've got in mind.